Resourceful Education

The English Lab


The English Lab helps students get the grasp of pronunciation, spelling, sentence structure, and understand the idioms and expression from all parts of the English speaking world. The English lab uses technology and international phonic programs to guide our  young learners towards a future where they are never lost for words.

The English lab is equipped with:

  • Computer–based learning modules.
  • High quality language software .
  • Audio books and audio-based learning tools for better pronunciation
  • Audio head phones and screen video media.
  • The Science Lab


    The best way to learn is through action and at Kirsan International School the approach to teach science is practical one. Right from watching experiments to conducting them, from seeing to understanding forms and structures, our students are inculcated with the scientific temper that is utmost important in today's world.

    The Computer Lab


    Our Computer center is where our students not just learn computers and get familiarized with technology, it is where we use technology to teach and our students exploit the true potential of the learning methods available to them.

    From using the internet to doing research, building models and using all throughout as professionals; to students, the computer lab is where they are transformed into versatile future achievers. Our lab is equipped with computers of the latest generation along with the modern tools and software that can be learnt, right from the basic  office automation products to design animation.

    The Library


    Our Computer center is where our students not just learn computers and get At Kirsan International Public School, the library is not a sanctum of silence but a world of adventure. With an expansive collection of book on every facet of every subject, we take a no-expense-spared approach to stocking the library. Since we train our students to ask questions, we also inculcate in them the curiosity for research and give them the perfect playground for finding out more about everything.

    Interactive E-Learning


    Our Each classroom is well equipped with the TATA Edge interactive White board. It is a large interactive display that connects to computer and projector. The screen image Is projected on the surface of the white board and it can be operated by touch screen with the web-Pen. All operations of the board are done with the help of touching the screen by web-pen. The e-learning is based on the total syllabus of all subjects received online. Changes could be carried on according to the need of the student. The lesson plan done in advance by every teacher in the system server which can be projected on the interactive white-board of every classroom.

    This E-Learning system empowers teachers, Instructors with innovative technology solutions, thus enhancing participation of  each and every learner.

    Extra Curricular Activities for Holistic Growth

    We understand that all work and no play makes our young learners stifled. Our extracurricular activities aimed at addressing this very factor of school life.